How to Pronounce Pho

How to Pronounce Pho Properly! (2023)

Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup that originated in the north of Vietnam. The most popular version of this dish is made with beef, but chicken or seafood can also be used.

Pho is usually served with a plate of fresh herbs and chili peppers on top to add spice and flavor to the broth. If you’ve never heard of pho before and are unsure how to pronounce it, we got you covered.

How Do You Pronounce Pho?

How Do You Pronounce Pho

The pronunciation of Pho is quite simple, but it can be tricky for some people. The basic sound is ‘fuh,’ as in the word ‘fudge.’ However, when you pronounce all the letters together, you get a long vowel sound that sounds like ‘oh-hoo.’

This makes it difficult to understand if someone says Pho and they are not Vietnamese. It also makes it hard to know how to say Pho in other languages, such as Spanish and French, because the letter combinations do not follow English rules.

For example, in Spanish, there is no way to make an H with a V or an O with an R at the end of words without using a special character called an accent mark (the acute accent).

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