Pho Restaurants in Los Angeles

4 Best Pho Restaurants in Los Angeles! (2023)

If you’re searching for the best pho restaurants in Los Angeles, California, you’ve come to the right place. This guide created by our team at Pho Blogger will help you find a new go-to pho restaurant in California to dine at.

1. Pho Saigon Pearl

Pho Saigon Pearl (Los Angeles)

Any post about Pho restaurants in Los Angeles cannot be complete without a mention of Pho Saigon Pearl. Pho Saigon Pearl boasts a rich menu with traditional dishes and fresh ingredients from Saigon, Vietnam.

One of their popular dishes is the Vietnamese Beef Soup Noodle, cooked for over 17 hours with no MSG and gluten-free. The broth at Pho Saigon Pearl is also worth mentioning as it’s flavorful, rich, and made with pure bone broth. Pho Saigon Pearl offers dine-in and kerbside pickup services.

Pho Saigon Pearl Details

2. KTown Pho

KTown Pho (Los Angeles)

KTown Pho is another must-feature when highlighting pho restaurants in Los Angeles. It promises pho lovers classic Vietnamese dishes. KTown Pho uses fresh ingredients to help give their Vietnamese dishes a unique taste.

KTown Pho treats customers and diners like family. By doing so, KTown Pho has created an excellent pho restaurant in Los Angeles that brings friends and families together. KTown Pho offers dine-in and takeaway services.

KTown Pho Details

3. Thank U Pho

Thank U Pho (Los Angeles)

Thank U Pho is a minimalistic restaurant for classic Vietnamese cuisines. Thank U Pho achieves an elusive cuisine-defining balance of sour, sweet, and salty with every plate they serve.

House specials at Thank U Pho include the Wagyu (Kobe style) Pho. Dishes at Thank U Pho infuse five flavors with every bite. Thank U Pho offers the following sine-in and takeaway.

Thank U Pho Details

4. Pho Legend

Pho Legend (Los Angeles)

Pho Legend is the last eatery to get mentioned in this post about pho restaurants in Los Angeles post. It is a casual, modern spot with a menu of classic Vietnamese meals. Included on their menu are tasty noodle soups.

They also serve up a few specials for vegetarians. Pho Legend is known to slowly simmer their soup broth. Doing so ensures it has a full depth of unmatched flavor. Services Pho Legend offers are dine-in and takeaway.

Pho Legend Details

Conclusion For The “Best Pho Restaurants in Los Angeles”

Conclusion For The "Best Pho Restaurants in Los Angeles"

We hope that this list of pho restaurants in Los Angeles, California, will help you on your journey to finding a favorite go-to pho place to dine at.

If you’ve never tried pho before and want to learn more about it, you can watch “How To Eat Pho: You’ve Been Doing It Wrong” down below:

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