Pho Restaurants in San Diego CA

5 Best Pho Restaurants in San Diego, California! (2023)

If you’re looking for the best pho restaurants in San Diego, California, to dine at – you’ve come to the right guide. Our team at Pho Blogger went through every pho restaurant in San Diego to help you find the top locations to eat at.

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1. PHO Kitchen Restaurant

PHO Kitchen Restaurant (San Diego)

Arguably one of the best Pho restaurants in San Diego, PHO Kitchen Restaurant prides itself on being an easy-going, contemporary eatery offering classic Vietnamese dishes.

Staples at PHO Kitchen Restaurant include stir-fries and standard Vietnamese noodles. Notably, the serving portions at PHO Kitchen Restaurant are just perfect if you factor in the price.

PHO Kitchen Restaurant Details

2. Phở Fifth Avenue Restaurant

Phở Fifth Avenue Restaurant (San Diego)

If you are after a modern, contemporary setting where you can enjoy your favorite classic Pho dish(s), look no further than Phở Fifth Avenue Restaurant.

While it has a wide range of Pho dishes on its menu, Phở Fifth Avenue is known for its inventive Pho. Simply put, it also offers Pho dishes with a slight twist. Phở Fifth Avenue Restaurant is slightly pricy; come prepared to spend.

Phở Fifth Avenue Restaurant Details

3. Phở Hut & Grill Restaurant

Phở Hut & Grill Restaurant (San Diego)

If you are on a plant-based diet and still want to enjoy a vegetarian Pho dish, Phở Hut & Grill Restaurant is perfect. They have an extensive selection of vegetarian Pho dishes.

Standard outs at Phở Hut & Grill Restaurant include its big bowl of Pho, crispy spicy veggies, and a to-die-for broth. Despite its location at an informal office, there are a lot of positives with Phở Hut & Grill Restaurant.

Phở Hut & Grill Restaurant Details

4. Phở Hòa Restaurant

Phở Hòa Restaurant (San Diego)

Phở Hòa Restaurant is a must-feature when highlighting the best Pho restaurants in San Diego. Pho lovers in San Diego love Phở Hòa Restaurant for three things they are fast with their service, their Pho dishes are not just tasty but also fresh, and equally important, they are reasonably priced.

On the menu at Phở Hòa Restaurant, you’ll find a wide variety of Pho dishes and other notable Vietnamese specialties. Phở Hòa Restaurant does not serve alcoholic drinks.

Phở Hòa Restaurant Details

5. Phở Duyên Mai Restaurant

Phở Duyên Mai Restaurant (San Diego)

The latest eatery to get mentioned in this post about the best Po restaurants in San Diego is Phở Duyên Mai Restaurant. Phở Duyên Mai Restaurant has a simple goal, to offer excellence to Pho lovers in San Diego who want simple and delicious Vietnamese dishes. They serve their Pho dishes in comfy, unpretentious quarters.

Phở Duyên Mai Restaurant Details

Conclusion For The “Best Pho Restaurants in San Diego, California”

Conclusion For The Best Pho Restaurants in San Diego, California

We hope you find a Pho place to eat in California around San Diego. If you have questions, contact the information we provided under each pho restaurant listed in San Diego.

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